We’re here to build communities online and enable digital transformation.


RÅN studio is a creative and digital consultancy studio established in London by Robert and Agatha A. Appleton-Sas. Our studio specialises in online thinking and digital communication.  


We have spent a combined 12 years working within the film industry and have delivered creative content for productions that range from independent films to large scale studio films. Our clients include Universal Studios, BBC Films, Working Title, Film4. After working closely with the marketing and publicity teams we decided to share all we've learnt.


Outside of the film industry we have been trusted by the London Design Festival, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, York City Council and the University of the Arts.


Now with RÅN we thrive whilst building communities online and enabling digital transformation. In 2020 we helped over 100 SMEs.


As a studio we offer analogue and digital solutions for our clients and find the right balance between the two. 

We help you tell stories that will bring your audience closer.


We offer an initial, remote video consultation for businesses that are looking to build their communities and develop organic growth across their digital platforms.


Book your free consultation with us today. You can also book a digital meeting session where we look at your online presence and together come up with a strategy that will support your digital pivot.