18th March 2020

Just like all other small businesses we are affected by the COVID-19. We know first-hand how it feels when all your upcoming projects and commissions get cancelled - filming and taking pictures requires us to go to our clients and work closely in groups - offices are now closed and productions have been postponed.


However, now is the time for innovation and being together! It's a difficult time so we'd like to connect and help other small businesses for free if there anything we can do in these strange times. We could come up with a social media strategy or just chat about your current one and help with content creation. If you think your business doesn't have any content to post online or you're not sure how to generate it or what to do with your online presence, we can talk about it and come up with ideas.

We're offering free advice to small businesses during this time. We have ideas and want to help you stay afloat. Social media has so much potential now, let's make it work for you. Keep an eye on our Instagram stories ( @ranstudioldn ) if you'd like more info and feel free to book a creative + business chat with us below (the button will take you to our scheduling page and you can pick a slot that suits you best). See you there!

26th March 2020


It's now been a week since we started offering our free video consultations. We've had some incredible people call us with really exciting businesses from all over the UK and abroad (as far as LA!). Together we thought of ideas for an architectural practice, smart luggage tags, flower grower, educational consultancy, antique shop, yoga service, dry flower specialist, tasting experience curator, sculptor, social enterprise and luxury children's books business. Incredible!

Since our services are now free some of you asked whether you could make a donation after our video call. This means the world to us that you'd like to support us, especially in times like this. If you've got the means and feel comfortable supporting us at this point, and if you feel that our chat has added a lot of value to your business please do click on the button below and donate safely via PayPal whatever amount you'd like. We understand that not everyone is in a position to pay now and we want to make sure that you know all our video chats are free, we genuinely want to help.



Take a look at our LIFE ON ZOOM on YouTube to see our first week of calls.