'Generation Mobile', a series by Chiara Ceolin | curated by RÅN

We met Chiara Ceolin over a video call during the Covid-19 lockdown that quickly became an 

in-depth chat about about the online presence of individuals and how our digital existence is now heavily intertwined with the human experience. 

Chiara trained as a clinical psychologist and specialised in disaster, crisis and trauma. She now runs 'Visual storytelling as a means of healing' workshops and uses photography to empower survivors of trauma. She's worked with women who survived domestic abuse, told the stories of Female Genital Mutilation survivors and children in Romania whose parents had to leave them behind in order to find work abroad. She is currently developing a project which addresses the relationship between technology and children. 

This newest photographic series, called 'Generation Mobile', has really affected us. In a time when we spend more and more time on all sorts of different screens and devices, our personal and professional lives mesh into a non-stop digital existence. Now is the time to reflect on our use of technology. The questions Chiara asks in this project are very important and apply to us all. We're hoping for a digital balance and believe it's possible to achieve it, but there are no straightforward answers. 


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'Cyber space is the new playground and the digital landscape can be quite worrying. 'Generation Mobile' explores, through portraiture and participatory photography, the role technology plays in children's life and its effects on their mind and behaviour. We all use technology for important purposes and we need to find healthy ways to use it without letting it take over.

Young children seem to be more affected by screen-time. Does the experience facilitate any form of learning or is it blocking the creative process? Is this habit shaping a generation of technology-addicted children?' 

 Chiara Ceolin

All photos © Chiara Ceolin. Connect with Chiara & read her interview with World Photography Organisation on supporting trauma survivors.