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Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of tech education to kids and teens. They are on a mission to fill the ever widening technology skills gap by inspiring and training kids to be confident technologists, creative thinkers and thoughtful leaders of our increasingly tech-enabled future.

Fire Tech offers a year round programme that has delivered over 8,000 learning experiences across the UK, Europe, Caribbean, Australia and the Middle East.


After launching a rebrand the previous year, the marketing team at Fire Tech were keen to have video content developed which reflected their new brand guidelines. Video was the only area that didn’t have a fully developed moving image vocabulary.

Fire Tech looked for content that provided a high return on investment whilst representing their brand voice and ethos and could become a blueprint . They needed  their own video grammar to be developed and for their social media and webpage video content to follow this set of rules.


We have developed strategy and provided Fire Tech with a range of products from social media content to a recruitment video and brand promo.


Our first deliverables were a selection of Instagram videos that were created from a collection of interviews shot at Imperial College London with Fire Tech's students, tutors, parents and the CEO as well as cutaways shot at Fire Tech's camps. This footage was then organised into themes which allowed us to craft  narratives that captured the experience of Fire Tech camps in a series of short form videos.

The final output of these serves as a blueprint for online marketing, and set a tone, format and animation of all video.