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Many small businesses and creatives were not ready for the immediate shift to digital as a consequence of Covid-19.


We are here to help them with their digital pivot and provide one to one remote training to improve their online presence and social media effectiveness. 


In the past two months during the lockdown 50 businesses reached out to us and we provided help with digital pivoting, 

organic social media growth and online presence.

How To Academy

Rue Pigalle


The Commons London

Botanical Tales

Five Senses Tastings


Missled studio


Laura Pannack

Anin Rose Music

Bearings Point

She Almighty



Career Collective



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Every business has different needs. Some are just establishing their digital journey and we guided them through their website build, identified key social media platforms and helped them get started. Others already had an online presence but it needed cleaning up and organising first, followed by social media training, platform ideation and content strategy.  

Isabelle Fish is a jewellery and travel insider and the founder of Rue Pigalle. She curates and leads women-only trips for intimate groups of art, jewellery and culture lovers who wish to expand their worldview, network and knowledge in a purposeful way.


We reorganised content on Isabelle's website, streamlined and reformatted her newsletters, ran training sessions on Mailchimp and Pinterest, strategised digital content to convert her audience into ticket sales for the Rue Pigalle and Goldsmiths’ Fair collaboration. 

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'I would just like to share that Agatha and her partner Robbie are absolutely AMAZING. I've NEVER felt so understood by anyone. They took the time to learn about me before our call, had demos and websites and articles ready to share with me, and followed up practically daily afterwards with more ideas, comments, positive feedback, suggestions. I am absolutely blown away by them and would recommend them in a HEARTBEAT!'

Kala Maxym, Hospitality and Events Management, Five Senses Tastings

'One can only count themselves lucky if they got a chance to work with Agatha and Robbie. They are the media strategists that cut through the noise of any business, identifying their WHY to deliver a clear, simple and powerful message that is packaged into the correct medium that delivers to customers.  Their combined expertise in media and consultation technique brings out the best in their clients as they translate their knowledge seamlessly into their clients why and the result is anxiety, stress-free process that delivers a product that makes this world a better place for everyone.'

Dr Linda Mizun, Doctor & Health Coach, thinklifestyle.uk

'I would also love to add to this thread of amazing feedbacks for Agatha and Robbie at RÅN studio. They are both amazing people, very creative, warm and truly care. They took the time to research and find relevant examples. My session was inspiring as well as practical. Love them.'

Trang Do, Jewellery, Kimjoux

'Thank you so much Agatha A. and Robbie Appleton-Sas for such a beautiful session today. It was lovely to speak to you both and have an external person view and understand what I’m doing. What you have done today has reinforced the importance of communities, collaborations and networks.

Thank you so much for taking time and for brainstorming with me. It was such a beautiful session. Thank you so so much. You are gold.'

Onyekachi Onwudike-Jumbo Ph.D, Information Technology, Onye

'Thank you Agatha for your time and energy today. What a beautiful session. You and Robbie really understood what I was doing and could see and offer support with a vision of mine so clearly. What a beautiful opportunity, thank you again.'

Joanna Henly, Creative Arts and Design, Missled studio

'Thank you Agatha A. Appleton-Sas and Robbie for yesterday’s session. It was lovely connecting and receiving amazing tips to start our social media journey. I’ve earmarked an hour a day’s commitment to start engaging more audibly! Thank you.'

Busola Sodeinde, Digital, Bearings Point

'A huge heartfelt thank you to Agatha and Robbie @ RÅN Studio for the outstanding session this morning. Your professionalism and brilliant insight have converted me totally and I am excited at the prospect! Thank you again!'

Hind Al Husain, Healthcare, The HWC

'This was exceptional! Agatha and Robbie are incredibly passionate about what they do. Have such insightful tips, actions and had done so much research for this call. Such an incredible business - excited to meet you guys in person hopefully soon and start working on projects together. Thank you so much for this incredible session!'

Upasna Bhadhal, Business Consulting and Management, Career Collective

'I had a session with Agatha and Robbie, absolutely brilliant and really fun. I can’t recommend them highly enough.'

Sarah Hansford, Fashion, re-createconsulting